Collaborate with us on the popular casual Bike Rider and Itotooshi games!

We offer a collaboration license for the Bike Rider and Itotooshi games that have grown to be games that everyone knows about in Japan.

Bike Rider and Itotooshi games have collaborated with many other games. Collaborating with games that have achieved 20 million downloads will quickly improve client service recognition.

Collaboration Examples

Name of gameSummary
Bike Rider×Kamen Rider FourzeCollaboration Bike Rider transforming as Kamen Rider Fourze
Bike Rider×Kamen Rider WizardCollaboration Bike Rider with Kamen Rider Wizard fighting enemies as riding ahead
Bike Rider×KetsumeishiBe a Kestumeishi fan and deliver Ketsumeishi members to the live show venue
Bike Rider× Oh-umi Monogatari 2Collaboration game commemorating the release of the Yupachi version of Oh-umi Monogatari 2
Bike Rider×EVOLTA Tokaido 53 tsugiCollaboration appli of Panasonic's character EVOLTA Challenge Bike Rider
Animal Itotooshi ShoplatCollaboration Itotooshi game where many cute animals from Shoplat appear
tapme Bike Rider DXProviding Bike Rider DX license to tapme, an Android terminal for children

We offer many other collaboration licenses.
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