Fun experience that can be enjoyed by multiple players.

Play and compete with your friends for even greater fun

PlayGie adds a ranking function that lets players compete with friends for higher scores and allows players to exchange in-game presents across platforms. By using PlayGie, a simple one-player smartphone game evolves into a fun experience that can be enjoyed by multiple players.


  • Use your telephone book and/or Facebook account to easily connect with friends within a game.
  • All data is encrypted when sent, and no information that identifies the individual is disclosed to servers. This ensures the safety and protection of personal information.
  • Ranking updates and other stats such as receiving in-game items sent by friends are handled in real time, so players feel as if their friends were playing right next to them.
  • As described above, PlayGie has been designed specifically for games and can also be used by children without worry.
  • All functions can be used across both iOS and Android platforms.

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