Spicysoft Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "SS"), as a company dealing with web services, has a strong consciousness of the significance of protecting the personal information of our customers, employees and others. All of officers and employees (hereinafter referred to as "We") declare here that we construct and operate the personal information management system based on JIS Q 150001, and improve the personal information management system continually while coping appropriately with changes in societal demand, to observe Japanese laws about the personal information protection.

  1. We clearly specify the purpose of the collection of personal information within a scope of our business. We collect, use and provide the personal information appropriately only for the specified purposes. We take measures not to use the personal information out of purpose.
  2. When we outsource all of the operations related to the personal information of customer, employees or others, or a part, or when we offer the personal information to a third party, we select an outsourcee complying with the personal information protection requirements and make an adequate contract with it.
  3. We take rational measures for security, prevention and improvement against the risk of leakage, loss or damage of the personal information, to have you trust us to keep your personal information.
  4. We observe guidelines, JIS Q 15001 and other rules, which are designed based on Japanese laws and ordinances about the personal information protection by Japanese authorities.
  5. We review and improve our personal information protection management system continually, to use and protect the personal information adequately.
  6. When you have any complaint and consultation about our operations of the personal information, please contact us with the following address. We support you quickly and adequately.

Established: January 11, 2011
Last Date: December 1, 2011
Motoyasu Yamada, Chief Executive Officer, Spicysoft Corporation.

Contact us:
Spicysoft Corporation.
Customer Service Representative for Personal Information

Handling of the Personal Information

We work on the personal information protection based upon our "privacy policy" and we adhere to the following things when we handle the personal information.

1. Personal information protection manager

We appoint the person written below to be a personal information protection manager and for the risk of leakage, misplacement, and damage of personal information caused by unauthorized access, falsification and loss, we are working on the necessary and appropriate security measures.

Personal information protection manager
Customer support director, Spicysoft Corporation.

2. The purpose of using personal information

We use the personal information which our customers give only for the purpose of the following things.

  1. To operate and manage our mobile application and comic sharing sites.
  2. To manage customers who use our websites.
  3. To communicate with creators and pay rewards for creators.
  4. To manage employees information regarding human resource, labor and healthcare.
  5. To notify applicants for employment of interview days and adoption results

3. The provision of personal information to third party

We never provide the personal information to third party except the following cases.

  1. When the consent is given by the customers.
  2. When it is based upon ordinances.
  3. When the personal information needs to be used for the purpose of performing our business smoothly. In this case, we comply with the “The commitment of the personal information handling” below.

4. The commitment of the personal information handling

We commit some parts of our business to outside party to provide better services. It might be to put the personal information in the party’s charge. We select the commission party which handles personal information properly. We make up the necessary matters to protect the personal information in contract and manage it properly.

5. The reportable personal information

Our customers enable us to request to disclose their personal information, to confirm the purpose of the usage, to modify the contents, to stop the usage or disclosure to third party. In this case, after confirming their identity, we correspond to it within the rational term.

6. The disclosure of reportable personal information

When our customers request to disclose their personal information, we confirm our customer’s identity, and we disclose the personal information within reasonable range. However, we may not be able to disclose the personal information if it has possibility to impair other’s life, physicality, possession, and if we estimate it must be an obstacle to our business. Also, we follow the ordinance if it is provided.

7. Identification

For identification, we set down either one of the following methods.

  1. To confirm by dialing phone number that provided to us beforehand.
  2. To confirm by sending a message to the e-mail that provided to us beforehand and receiving a response.
  3. To confirm by confirming name, adores, phone number, date of birth in procedure.

When customers ask substitutes for identification, we need the substitutes to come to see us with driver’s license or passport.

8. The procedure to respond the request of disclosure

After identification, we will send “The requisition of the disclosure personal information” to customers.
When customers return “The requisition of the disclosure personal information” to us, we will respond to the requests from customers concerning their own personal information in good faith and in a timely manner. We will call or send written document to customers as responses. We never take any commission in this procedure.

Contact us:

Spicysoft Corporation.
Address:Kikyouya building 2-7-1,Kudanminami,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074, Japan

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