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We develop media for smartphone games and support the success of game providers.

The Largest Android Game Review Site
Games picked up by AppliGet are positively fun and will definitely sell! The staff members play all the new games and review only the ones they find to be fun! We are proud that our site has the largest number of reviews and enjoy the trust of being the only company with zero editorial ads.

Based on the experience of discovering and producing the ever-so-popular series Bike Rider and Itotooshi (Needle Threading) games for Japanese-style cell phones (commonly known as Galake), only the game applications that our editorial department have actually played on the smartphone terminal for 365 days and found to be fun are being offered every day. We deliver games that are fun for users.

It is a review site for smartphone game applications that features the highest number of and the most reliable game reviews with games introduced under the creator's real name. Other services include popular game ranking, a play diary featuring popular games, the newest trends and sale information, as well as interviews with individuals working in the gaming business. AppliGet is the most trusted site in the business with reviews to more than 10 media.

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History of AppliGet

In 2011 NTT docomo commenced sale of 503i series cell phones with a function that allows game downloads, the first of its kind in the world. Today, this day is named Mobile Appli Day (January 26: registered by Spicysoft). We began with a mobile phone game application introduction and posting site, and have continued business for more than a decade.
We do not stop at being a manager of media, but have extended operations into third-party reviews for J-PHONE's (currently Softbank Mobile) mobile application JAVA [TM]. In order to spread the efforts of creators and developers, we have hosted and cooperated with mobile phone application contests sponsored by NTT docomo Shikoku and KDDI.

And in 2005, we commenced publication of the first mobile phone periodical AppliGet, delivering 100,000 copies at its peak. The magazine is sold not only at bookstores, but also at Lawson, Family Mart and other convenience stores.

Furthermore, we offer exclusive contracts for games developed and posted by individual creators, and these games have become hugely popular. The AppliGet DX delivered to the official sites of various mobile phone companies have grown to be one of the major game sites with games such as Bike Rider and Itotooshi ranking first in the Most Downloaded Rankings by NTT docomo on several occasions.
We will continue to contribute to the development of mobile application for cell phones and smartphones in Japan.

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