Commencing delivery of the official game application portal site "AppliGet" for Android.

Spicysoft Corporation (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, hereunder referred to as Spicysoft), managing application and manga comic portal, has commenced delivery of a game application portal site, "AppliGet," for Android. The official application is offered free of charge.

AppliGet is the largest information site for Android games in Japan. It selects the newest fun games from throughout the world and delivers them to users.

The site provides basic information on the games as well as detailed information on operations and strategy. The people in charge of the individual games actually play the game and post their "honest" reviews.

Downloading the official application enables use of all AppliGet functions.

See below for more information about AppliGet.

About AppliGet
»We opened the special site for reviewing "Game to Play on Android" with over 1,000 reviews and this is the largest review site in Japan.

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