MangaGet has achieved a total number of 100 million manga distributions!!

MangaGet® is a manga story contributing/sharing platform run by Spicysoft Corporation (hereinafter "Spicysoft"), which is located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Recently, its total number of manga distributions has passed the 100 million mark.

100 million distributions in three and a half years

The number of manga distributions has been growing steadily since the launch of our services in August, 2008, and exceeded 100 million in only three years and six months.

4,000 creators, 37,000 stories and four works published as books

As of January 13 this year, 37,879 stories by 4,306 creators are available and more than 3.1 million distributions of manga stories are made every month. Every year since 2008, MangaGet has selected the best web manga as the Manga of the Year and the four award winning works have already been published as books.

Thank-you campaign for our achievement of 100 million distributions

Complimentary commemorative tumblers to 100 people chosen randomly
We present the "100 million distribution" commemorative tumblers as special thanks to the creators and users of MangaGet.
We will choose recipients of our original tumblers by making random selections from the users who have sent thank-you messages to the manga creators and from the creators who have published thank-you newsletters to the users during the campaign period.

Fri, January 13 to Thu, January 26, 2012

Users who have sent thank-you fan letters to manga creators at MangaGet
Manga creators who have published thank-you fan newsletters to users at MangaGet
Multiple applications per person are acceptable.

Announcement of the results
Thu, February 9 to Sun, February 12
* The results are notified to each individual winner as selected.

Avatar discount campaign
Moreover, to commemorate the 100 million distributions, we are also holding a discount campaign of avatars. There are about 300 items to choose from. Avatars that are normally priced around 300 yen are now available at a uniform price of 10 yen.

First release: Fri, January 13 to Thu, January 19 for Hairstyles
Second release: Thu, January 19 to Wed, January 25 for ????
Third release: Wed, January 25 to Tue, January 31 for ????
Fourth release: Tue, January 31 to Mon, February 6 for ????

For details, please refer to the latest news at MangaGet (

Contact regarding this news release

We are ready to offer help in wide ranging areas in order to support creators and their creative activities and for the development of the entertainment industry. Individuals (bloggers, students, etc.), corporate bodies (media, publishers, production, educational institutes, etc.) are welcome to make inquiries regarding our service.

Company name: Spicysoft Corporation, Public Relations (Sakamori)
TEL: +81-(0)3-3239-1867
FAX: +81-(0)3-3239-1868

*Request to add material (screen shots, detailed data, etc.) and other questions.
*Information about rankings and reviews by AppliGet are provided via media such as Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines free of charge. (some are provided for a fee)

*Spicysoft is ready to respond to requests for interviews, presentations and speeches regarding Internet, mobile, applications, games and manga comics by our president, CTO, and editors for AppliGet and MangaGet. We also dispatch staff to teach classes or to sponsor and/or participate in school festivals free of charge. Visit the Spicysoft's "publicity" website to learn more about our activities.

*Spicysoft's mission is to support creators and we are ready to cooperate through arranging appointments and conducting interviews with creators whose work has been picked up in our media or posted on our platform.

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