Android Game Ranking Announced by "AppliGet Editorial Office" with commentary about trends on popular, top selling and prevalent games.

AppliGet announces Android game ranking selected by users! AppliGet game ranking comes with commentary on the trends in popular games.
~The game ranking No.1 in August 2011 was "Kossetsu Simulation" Game.~
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Spicysoft Corporation (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Motoyasu Yamada, President) is a company managing a review website for Android game application, AppliGetR, and MangaGetR, manga comic posting and sharing platform. Spicysoft will begin announcing popular game ranking through the tabulation of users access on AppliGet.

The rankings come with AppliGet editorial commentary about popular games, and you can see Android game trends by just viewing the rankings.

Announcement of Weekly and Monthly Android Game Rankings.

Android game rankings that will be announced at this time are rankings of free games (weekly and monthly) and for fee games (weekly and monthly). We aim to provide ranking specifically for game applications, which has not been offered in the Google Android market.
Ranking will also show the games that came up in the ranking anew, ups and downs of games and ranking from the previous data, making it easy to see which applications are the more popular ones.

Types of ranking announced.

♦ Weekly ranking (free games / fee-based games)
Date of delivery: Every Saturday

♦ Monthly ranking (free games / fee-based games)
Date of delivery: 5th of each month

Weekly Popularity Ranking

Monthly Ranking (PC version)

With AppliGet editorial commentary about trend of new games and factors of hit games.

Included in the AppliGet ranking in addition to Spicysoft's independent ranking tabulation is a corner introducing the trends of ever-changing Android games in and outside of Japan, and games by major game makers and individual developers.

The information provided will allow you to understand the newest trends, learn what makes a game a hit, user popularity trends categorized by free and fee-based game groups, all of which are useful information for game creators and media related workers.

Commentary on Weekly Game Ranking. (free)

There is a corner on "booming games" that tells you about games that are rapidly rising in the rankings and buried masterpieces.

The "booming games" corner picks and introduces games that are rapidly rising in the rankings at the same time as the ranking information, aiming to introduce user "needs" and "trends" or "buried masterpiece games."

The Booming Game Corner for Weekly Game Ranking (fee-based)

*Ranking is created by AppliGet editorial office's independent tabulation system.

Ranking first for August 2011 for free games was "Stair Dismount".

The game ranking No.1 in the free game category for August 2011, for the first time was "Stair Dismount" a fun game in which players try to run the character into obstacles and win points according to the degree of injury. The game ranking first in the fee game category was a Japanese version of a full-scale action RPG called "Inotia 3: Children of Carnia" also appearing in the rankings for the first time.

[Free Games] August Popularity Ranking (Tabulated period: August 1 ~ 31, 2011)

[Fee-Based Games] August Popularity Ranking (Tabulated period: August 1 ~ 31, 2011)

[Free Games] Weekly Popularity Ranking (Tabulated period: August 26 ~ September 1, 2011)

[Fee-Based Games] Weekly Popularity Ranking (Tabulated period: August 26 ~ September 1, 2011)

*Ranking surveyed by AppliGet Editorial Office.

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