"MangaGet," a comic delivering and sharing service where 27,000 comics are free to read by viewers, has undergone a large-scale renewal.

Spicysoft Corporation (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, hereunder referred to as Spicysoft) is a company managing a review website for Android game application, "AppliGet®," and "MangaGet®." This manga comic posting and sharing platform underwent a large-scale renewal, enabling service provision through all devices including PCs, cell phones, iPhone, Android and tablet terminals for the first time in the world.

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27,000 comic stories can be read free of charge through all devices including PCs, cell phones, iPhone and Android.

As a manga comic delivering and sharing site, "MangaGet" now corresponds to smart phones such as Android, and iPhone for the first time in the world. With our original viewer application for smart phones installed, manga comics are displayed beautifully on a large screen for stress-free enjoyment.

Manga comics can also be viewed on PCs, expanding the service to all devices including high-function cell and smart phones, smart pads and PCs. See a detailed chart of services provided via each device and the picture on each device attached at the end of this news release.

Possible to share bookshelves among multi-devices with one click single sing on coordinating Twitter, Facebook and mixi accounts.

All manga comic postings on PCs and smart phones can be viewed without membership registration. The bookshelf function which keeps track of your viewing, comics you have read and comic updates at one glance, is a service available to members only.

Using your SNS (Twitter, Facebook, mixi) account, membership registration and login can be done with just one click, allowing bookshelf sharing among PCs, cell and smart phones.

Currently distributing application that allows for easy access for smart phones with Android installed.

We have an application specialized for easy access to our site for smart phone users with Android. It has been distributed through Android Market and au one market.

Everyone here at the manga comic delivering and sharing site "MangaGet" hopes to deliver outstanding comics created by manga comic authors to all the manga comic lovers in Japan so that as many people as possible can enjoy them whenever they wish. We intend to make improvements in quality and functions of service to support the creative activities of the manga comic authors and aim to contribute to the development of Japan's manga comic culture.

Contact regarding this news release.

We are ready to offer help in wide ranging areas in order to support creators and their creative activities and for the development of the entertainment industry. Individuals (bloggers, students, etc.), corporate bodies (media, publishers, production, educational institutes, etc.) are welcome to make inquiries regarding our service.

Corporate name: Spicysoft Corporation, Public Relations Officer: Sakamori
TEL: +81-(0)3-3239-1867
FAX: +81-(0)3-3239-1868

*Request to add material (screen shots, detailed data, etc.) and other questions.
*Information about rankings and reviews by AppliGet are provided via media such as Internet, TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines free of charge. (some are provided for a fee)

*Spicysoft is ready to respond to requests for interviews, presentations and speeches regarding Internet, mobile, applications, games and manga by our president, CTO, and editors for AppliGet and MangaGet. We also dispatch staff to teach classes or to sponsor and/or participate in school festivals free of charge. Visit "publicity" in the Spicysoft website to learn more about our activities.

*Spicysoft's mission is to support creators and we are ready to cooperate through arranging appointments and conducting interviews with creators whose work has been picked up in our media or posted on our platform.

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